Shineboard Arts: For Tamepass


‘Please do not urien hear and thear’, is a desperate plea repeated in many different styles. But all pleading with the rather loose bladdered Indian male. And the lack of public toilets. Sometimes the messages are more threatening. ‘Newshance Makars will be vacated this place’ has a Victorian air of authority about it, even if the spelling is not quite the Queens’ own. Sometimes there is an appeal to the Newshance Makars sense of shame. ‘ Please not urien pass this place man. Only Dog’!! But the urge to urien pass might be hard to control after too much ‘Child Bear with ‘Masala Pee Nuts’. Likewise there are other common categories. Ladies garments. Meat shops. Bars and eateries. Mechanics, punchers (oops punctures). Death coffins and horses. And the three South Indian obsessions. Sex, Love and Cinema. 101% Lethal. Export Quality. English. Colour. Enjoy.

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